Sig Kadet Mk II

Kadet Mark II Box Art

Built sometime in 1983.
Destroyed sometime in 1984.

Well, they say you usually learn by your second plane. The Mk II added ailerons and on one fine day flying this aircraft I finally “got the hang of it.”

A few weeks later I was flying it when my throttle push rod “failed” leaving the engine running wide open. Of course the solution was to fly until it ran out of fuel, but apparently my on-board battery pack was showing signs of age and ran out before the fuel did. The plane fought valiently, but finally succumed to jitter and dropped out of sight, but wait, it had one last gasp, but alas, it wasn’t enough. It winged over and flew full throttle into the rock hard Arizona earth.

Mental note: avoid cheap hacks to save a buck. (But on a high school budget you sometimes have to make do…)

1994-10-26 07:32:49 -0500 - Written by curt