Midwest Sweet Stik Pictures

Built: 1984
Engine: K/B 40 (1981)
Pilot: Curtis Olson
Mechanic: Curtis Olson
Photographer: Bob Hain
Camera: Sony Mavica

This plane has seen on and off action through the years. I did very little with R/C through college, and for a few years thereafter. I flew this airplane once or twice about 8 years ago and had a slight mishap due to radio interference. It turned out that it only needed minor repairs (whew) and I got it back in the air about two weeks later and dinged up the aileron due to a gust of wind on the landing (it certainly couldn’t have been pilot error!) It then sat in my garage for a few years when I decided to take it out, fixed the aileron, charged up my batteries, bought some fresh fuel and got her up in the air again. What a blast. 4 flights and everything in one piece at the end of the day. Couldn’t have been better. 🙂 That got me motivated and I ran a whole gallon and a half of fuel through this plane 2 summers ago.

Still Shots

These pictures were taken November 27, 1999.

Head on.

Engine Detail.

Me and my toy (1)

Me and my toy (2)

Me and my toy (3)

Me and my toy (4)

Action Shots

Flying (1)

Flying (2)

Flying (3)

Flying (4)

Video Clips

1999-12-31 13:27:47 -0600 - Written by curt