Sig Four Star 40

Kit built, purchased Spring, 2005. Sold to a fellow club member (I forget the date, but maybe Summer of 2006-ish?)  Yes, it is pink!  That is what I get for buying off of ebay. 🙂




November 11, 2005

Today we had unseasonably warm weather (high of 61F!) so I shifted around my work schedule so i could fly in the afternoon. I replaced my aging/ailing transmitter battery and needed to test the new one.

The 4* is a lot of fun to fly … quick, nimble, easy inverted flight, tracks really well through loops, does outside loops with ease, does nice rolls. It makes the pilot look a lot better than he really is. 🙂

For the first time in my life, I took off, climbed a bit, rolled inverted before the first turn and flew for a while inverted. Usually I wait until I’m really up high to try that scary stuff, but the 4* does such a good job it softly beckons to me … “come on, fly inverted, do it lower, how about a roll 20 feet off the deck, you can probably do it …”

2006-08-30 08:24:53 -0500 - Written by curt