Gumstix Overo, RC Servos, and PWM Signal Generation

What I want to do: Control RC Servos from a Gumstix Overo

I have a project where I need to drive standard RC servos from a Gumstix Overo.  It doesn’t appear that the Overo ships with any built in PWM drivers.  I did quite a bit of googling, and still couldn’t find a single drop-in driver that worked well for driving RC servos.  I did find some great help though, rolled up my sleeves, and stitched pieces together to make the mother of all RC servo drivers.
Scott Ellis @ has a nice introduction to programming the Overo hardware

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Fedora 15 and Gnome 3

This weekend I took the plunge into Fedora 15 with Gnome 3.  This is a major change from previous versions of Fedora.


Fedora 15 is very different from previous Fedora releases.  The main reason is the upgrade to Gnome 3 which is entirely different from Gnome 2.  In Gnome 3 your entire desktop experience is completely (and I say completely) changed.  This is no small thing.  As with any change, there is good and bad; some things I like, some things I miss.

Cool thing: gnome-shell

The gnome-shell is something new in Gnome-3.  This isn’t a “shell” in the …
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