Wifi versus Powerline Networking

The Problem

My personal home network may be a little more complicated than average.  I used to work as a full time Unix/Linux sys-admin so I have some specific ideas about how I like to do things.  But I suffer from a similar problem as many, many other people: I have more than one computer spread through my house and they aren’t all in the same room as my DSL router.  To complicate things I have an upstairs and a downstairs basement and it would be impossible to run cables every where I need to go.


The obvious solution …
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How to be an Electronics Whiz on a Small Budget

Simple tools that you will use all the time!

I work with small electronics boards and components as part of my day job. I don’t really have a nice concise job title for myself, but lately it would be something like “UAS Embedded Flight Control Engineer”.  I come from primarily a software / computer science background, but when you have an obstinate electronic gizmo sitting on your desk and no one to hold your hand, it’s time to get up to speed on some basic electrical engineering concepts.

Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is a great first tool.  You can …
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