3D Modelling … with … Perl?!?

3D modeling with perl?!?  What the…?  Huh?!?

Are you insane?  Yes, but in a nice sort of way (I hope!) 🙂

Since I’ve already admitted to being insane, you won’t mind if I explain the back story that let up to my evil plot.  I work with a small high tech company (ATI out of Wasilla Alaska … and yes if you were wondering, but no I haven’t met her myself.)  Some of the things we do is develop a variety of UAS related technologies.  One project involves developing a marinized (water proof) UAS that can be launched from a …
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Google Nexus S

This week I upgraded my phone to a Google Nexus S (sold at Best Buy).  I just wanted to share a few thoughts and impressions about the phone.  For the past two years I have owned the original G1 android phone and have really liked the environment and the available free apps.  The last update they pushed out for my old phone was v1.6 and since then a lot has changed with android and with many of the apps.

There are a ton of choices these days with Android based phones.  You can look at screen size, camera megapixels, processor, …
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